No blood blisters… Yes! Training – 2/28/2012

The workout

SMR – Feet, Calves, Glutes
External Rotation Mobilization on left leg only
Quadruped Marching

A1: KB Clean 32kg 5×5
A2 Roll to Press 32kg 5×1

B1: Double Kettlebell Swing 16kg x 2 (10,10,10)

My hands after my workout

At least I didn’t create any blood blisters!

Notes: My hands and forearms are beat up from heavy cleans today. I have to admit I loved every second of today’s workout. The warm up today was botched I’ll get better tomorrow.


Training – 2/27/2013

The Workout

SMR – Calves, TFL
Side Bridge – 2 left 1 right for 20 breaths
Stretch to win Matrix + Mob #2
Face to Wall Squat

TGU 16kg – 1/1, 1/1, 1/1

KB Clean and Press 24kg – (1,2), (1,2), (1,2)
Chin-up + 45lbs – (1,2), (1,2), (1,2)

Ab wheel – 1×5 (face to the floor)

Swings – 24kg 60:60 for 10 minutes

2 minutes crocodile breathing

Notes: Felt stronger on the press today. Grip starting going on the swings on my left side. Hard work today.

Training 2/26/2013

Got the results from an MRI I had recently. My knee is going to be ok which is great news. I need to really emphasize hip mobility daily. I think lack of it on my left side is the reason why I’ve been compensating.

The Workout

SMR – Feet, Calves, Peroneals, Quads, TFL
Hip Mobility #2
Side Bridge (Bent Knee)
Face to the Wall Squat
RFESS + Rotation

Ladder completed with 24kg bell

A1: Goblet Squat 5-10
A2: KB Swing 10-20
Repeated 4 times

Notes: Goblet Squats are giving me problems *sigh*. One positive note. I managed to force myself to do some side bridge #majorwin

It isn’t just about the goal, but the path: My Training Goals

  1. Pass the Strong First Level 1 Certification in November 2013
  2. Drop to 8% body fat, and then maintain 8-10% body fat going forward by August 1st 2013
  3. Increase weight to 181-185lbs  – Will determine specific date once preferred body fat is attained.
  4. Complete Dan John’s Strenth Standards + 1 of my own
  5. Find a long term solution to Shoulder, Back and Knee injuries Continue reading