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It isn’t just about the goal, but the path: My Training Goals

  1. Pass the Strong First Level 1 Certification in November 2013
  2. Drop to 8% body fat, and then maintain 8-10% body fat going forward by August 1st 2013
  3. Increase weight to 181-185lbs  – Will determine specific date once preferred body fat is attained.
  4. Complete Dan John’s Strenth Standards + 1 of my own
  5. Find a long term solution to Shoulder, Back and Knee injuries

Passing the Strong First Level 1 Certification

To pass and become a SFG instructor there are specific criteria that need to be met

  1. Exhibit safe and efficient techniques in the foundation skills. The skills taught and tested with a 24kg bell are:– Double Swing
    – Get-up
    – Double Clean
    – Double Press
    – Double Front Squat
    – Snatch
  2. Demonstrate good judgment, especially concerning safety
  3. Show a strong spirit (aka Mental Toughness)
  4. Demonstrate effective teaching skills
  5. Pass the pull-up test (5 pull-ups from a dead hang)
  6. Pass the kettlebell snatch test (100 snatches in 5 minutes)
  7. Conduct yourself like a professional

8% body fat

This goal isn’t strictly for looks. Maintaining a lower body fat percentage year round has been shown to increase testosterone levels (see goal #3)  and decrease inflammation (see goal #4).

It also wouldn’t hurt to be jacked all year round… just sayin :p

Increasing weight to 181-185

I would love to get up to this weight for several different reasons. This is the weight I’d love to compete at when I get back to powerlifting. It is a weight that I think I can maintain with my current lifestyle and it allows me to still be athletic enough continue other athletic en-devours.

Strength Standards

Expected: Body weight bench press
Game Changer: Body weight bench press for 15 reps
***Game Changer #2: Body weight overhead press for 1 rep

Expected: 8-10 pull-ups
Game Changer: 15 pull-ups

Expected: Body weight squat
Game Changer: Body weight squat for 15 reps

Expected: Body weight to 150% bodyweight deadlift
Game Changer: Double body weight deadlift

Loaded Carry (Farmer Walk)
Expected: Farmer Walk with total body weight (half per hand)
Game Changer: Body weight per hand

Turkish Get-up with a full glass of water on fist

***I added this myself

Improve Injury Status

I have begun to take steps towards making sure I am a healthy athlete  I want to ensure that I can continue to enjoy lifting for the rest of my life so I cannot let some of my lingering injuries linger anymore. More on this later…


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