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24kg is heavy – Training 2/25/13

The Workout:

SMR (Feet, Calves, Glutes, Pecs)
Rib Grab
KB Halo
Hardstyle Lunge Stretch
Face to Wall Squat

TGU 16kg 1/1, 1/1

A1: KB Clean and Press 24kg (1/1), (1/1), (1/1)
A2: Chin-up + 45lbs (1), (1), (1)

KB Swing 32kg – 10 swings on the minute for 10 minutesNotes:

Body Fat down 1.6% – Very happy that my body is responding to current diet. I might need to slow down how fast I’m loosing body fat to preserve muscle. I’ll adjust on a weekly basis. If I start to loose too much too fast I’ll need to increase my caloric intake.

Today was the first day I’ve used 24kg for my ladder. They were heavy. Going to restart the Rite of Passage program with this new weight.

Very happy with my chin-ups. The restart of the program will give me an opportunity focus on strength building.

I didn’t get around to doing any direct core stability work, I need to make this a priority going forward.


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