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Body Composition Update and Training for 3/4/2013

Woke up this morning feeling extremely motivated. I can’t attribute it to anything in particular but I intend on riding the motivation wave for as long as possible.

Every week I try to set up a game plan for planned workouts, nutrition and supplementation. I find that if I make them habit based everything seems to fall in place.

For this week I intend on:

  • having 2 servings of protein every morning.
  • Completing 5 workouts (3 press + 2 amour building workouts)
  • Completing 50 presses with 24kg (Friday workout)
  • In bed by 10pm every night, if I get in after 10 no alarm for the following morning

Bi-weekly body composition update

Dropped another percent body fat (1.3% to be exact). I need to maintain 1.5% a month for the next 6 months to make my goal. This is going to be very challenging but I’m going to get it.

The workout for today

SMR – Feet, Peroneals, TFL
Internal Hip Mobilization
Rib Grab
KB Arm Bar

Turkish Get-up Practice for 5 minutes with 24kg

Clean + Press 24kg (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
Chin-up +45lbs (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)

Ab Rollouts (face to the ground) 1×5

Kettlebell Swings 24kg 15:15 for 10 minutes

Notes: The swings are feeling very easy. I’m recovering quite well but I’m hyper extending quite a bit. Left shoulder was a little funny as well. I’ll spend some time mobilizing it tomorrow.

On to the next one…


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