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Prioritizing my goals

A few things have become quite apparent this month.

1. Training to get stronger while dropping body fat is hard, but possible
2. My lingering injuries are impeding my performance
3. I am a very impatient person.

I’ve decided to start making an aggressive push for some of my goals. The StrongFirst certification is several months out so I have some time to address my body fat percentage and shoulder/back injuries.

First thing is first – 8% bodyfat

How do I plan on doing this?

1. I’m going to start with a protein sparing modified fast for the next 2-6 weeks (depending on how fast I respond).

2. Allow myself 1-2 weeks of normal eating (mental break)

3. Achieve my goal with carb cycling protocol that should take me sub 10%.

I am probably in the 1% of the world’s population that has no problem with dieting. I have no emotional response and I don’t dread it outside of cravings (which is pretty normal) So I don’t foresee any problems arising. As long as I prep my meals in advance this should be pretty smooth sailings.

I won’t keep a very detailed dietary log outside of measuring ball park amounts of what I’m eating daily and where my morning weight and body fat is sitting.

Morning Weight: 170.4
Bodyfat % – Roughly 17% (I’m likely lower than this but I like to round high)

Of course if you have any questions, send me an email or leave a comment!


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