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Just shut up and Press – Training 2/25/2013

Morning weight 169
Bodyfat 17.4%

Today was my “Easy” day. I think I need to use these days to work on intensity. There is enough carry over in these workouts to build strength but it is up to me to maximize my time, stop bitching about bad weeks and to just lift!

I think I was very successful.

SMR – Feet, TFL, Pec, Lats, Traps
DB Pullover on Roller
Quadruped Row
Half Kneeling Halo

TGU 1/1, 1/1

A1: Kettlebell Clean and Press (1,2) (1,2) (1,2) (1,2) (1,2)
A2: Pull-up  (1,2) (1,2) (1,2) (1,2) (1,2)

B1: Kettlebell Snatch 16kg – AMRAP 15/15, 15/15, 15/15, 10/10

Notes: Very happy with my snatch work today. My cardiovascular system seems to be my bottle neck right now but that is something that can be progressed over time.

I think I am going to struggle with low energy levels as I continue to diet and drop bodyfat but singular focus on goals is going to make this a very quick process.

I’m back!


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