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Training 4/1/2013

Morning weight: 170.5 (Will be up for a few days due to refeed)

SMR – TFL, Rotator Cuff
Band Mobility

TGU 1/1

Clean and Press 24kg (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,3)

Pull-up (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,3)

Note: I wasn’t able to workout until the end of the day. This was not a good workout but I got the work done. I’m thinking it would likely be a smart idea to eventually get some soft tissue work on my back as I’m struggling with some restrictions on my left shoulder.


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