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Training 4/15/2013 – First outdoor workout of the year

AM Workout

5 minutes of crocodile breathing
SMR – Pec, Lats, Upperback
Band Mobilization for Trap/Shoulder Girdle
Rib Grab to Bretzel 5 breaths/side
Side-Lying Internal-External Rotation 8ea
Half Kneeling Rotation w/ 16kg (had a very hard time with this)

A1: Pull-ups 10,9,8,7,6

B1: Bench Press

C1: Deadlift

Notes: Left trap has been going crazy over the past 2 weeks. At this point it is seriously having an effect on my grip strength.

Today was my first day on 10 pull-ups. It wasn’t hard but sure wasn’t easy. I’m quite content with the fighter pull-up program. As long as I continue to hit all my reps there is no reason why I won’t have a PB in 3 weeks.

5 minutes of Crocodile Breathing really helped before starting SMR. Going to leave this in the program.

Going to add some wrist mobility drills to the warm-up and in between any pressing exercises. Starting to become a problem

PM Workout

Kettlebell Snatches 16kg 15 minutes

Notes: I had planned to do some Half Getups but it was way too muddy outside.

Working out in the sun is amazing. I am going to definitely get a lot more “sun time” this spring and summer


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