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Updated Strength Standards + Readjusting Training Goals

I’ve been sabotaging myself by focusing on trying to attain strength and body composition goals simultaneously

My number 1 goal this year is to join the Strong First family.

Strong First

Therefore Strength IS the only goal.

Quick Notes on what I’m playing around with

I’ve been breaking up my workouts into multiple Blocks and I’ve found this to be the most effective for me. Two workouts a day allows me to keep my training stress low and helps keep me focused on the task at hand.

Currently my Blocks are looking like this:

If Training 2 times per day

Block 1: Strength/Tension Focused Workout. Pull-Push-Pull
Block 2: Kettlebell Specific

In a perfect world when doing 2 Blocks I train at 6am and 1pm or 10pm and 4pm

If Training 3 times during the day

Block 1: Strength/Tension Focused (Pull-Push-Pull)
Block 2: Kettlebell Pressing Strength (Pressing Ladder)
Block 3: Snatch Specific Work

Ideal training times being 5am 12pm 6pm

Training 3 times daily is my preference but my schedule simply doesn’t allow for it.

On another note… Dan John recently made an update to his Strength Standards.   I’ll write more on how they affect my goals later on.


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