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Training 6/8/2013

Movement Prep

Cross Crawl x 20
Segmental Roll x 3
Prone Neck Nods x 10
Quadruped Rocking x 10
Baby Crawl x 20 steps

AMRAP 10 min

Wall Squat x 5
TK Halo x 5
Pump x 5
TK Press 16kg x 5


A1: Kettlebell Clean and Press 24kg (1,2,3) (1,2,3) (1,2,2)
A2: Y’s x 5ea
A3:Neck Nods x5

B1: One Arm Swings 32kg – AMRAP 10/10 for 10 minutes (testing swing max)

6 completed rounds of 10/10 + Additional 18 reps (just short of 7 full rounds)
Total Volume: 4426kg of work

Post Reset

Marching x 20
Rockbacks x 10
Baby Crawling x 20
Croc Breathing 20 breaths

Notes: Today was a step in the right direction. I managed press with out much discomfort and my swing work went pretty much as planned.

At this point I need to content with steady progress and improvement and continue to take care of any asymmetry I find when training.


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