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Let me think out loud for a second… Game Plan for the next 4 weeks

Toronto’s first Strong First Level 1 Certification is steadily approaching. My performance an anxiety is starting to set in but I got to keep my eye on the prize and continue to string good training sessions together.

Currently the 3 hurdles that I need to take care of sooner rather than later are:

  1. Shoulder Injury
  2. Snatch Test
  3. Mental Toughness

I’ll speak on these 3 points later the goal for today’s post is to lay out my training plan for the next  4 weeks. I’m confident that if I can have a good month of training I might be enough to completely turn things around for me and getting my out of my recent slump.

I’m going to be training 5 days a week with 2 designated days for recovery and treatment.

Monday – Easy Press Ladders + High Rep Snatch Practice
Tuesday – Barbell Work + Loaded Carries
Wednesday – Medium Press Ladders + EDT with Snatch sized bell
Thursday – Barbell Work + Loaded Carries
Friday – OFF/Optional Treatment and or Mobility
Saturday – Hard Press Ladders + Heavy One Arm Swing
Sunday: OFF/Optional Treatment and or Mobility

Looks complicated but it really isn’t

Ladders: The ladders come in handy because I’ll need to be able to press 2 24kg multiples times for low reps over 3 days. I need to get my body used to this load. Unfortunately I’ve been dealing with a shoulder issue that is hampering my strength development. I’m going to listen to my body and let it guide me during my training. My goal is to be pressing the 32kg for reps soon rather than later.

Barbell work: I’m already doing quite a bit of volume in this program and I need to remember to keep “The Goal, The Goal”. So I’m not going to be trying for personal bests anytime soon. I’m going to use the easy strength approach and Keep it relatively stress free.

For the next 4-8 weeks lifts will be

Thick Bar Deadlift
Barbell Front Squat
Loaded Carries**
Ab Wheel 1×5

**(Will Vary but I’ll cycle through single and double Farmer Carries, Suitcase walks, Waiter walks, Sled Pull/Push,  Rack Walks, etc etc)

Snatch Practice – There is an awesome 3 day program designed to prep for the Snatch Test. I’ve essentially added it on to the tail end of my ladder workouts. This is good because I’ll never be fresh going into the test so its a great way to get some specificity into the practice.

For more info on how I program my one arm swing click here

I’m feeling pretty good about where I am right now in my training. But for right now, I’m just going to focus on today. REST!


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