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Movement Prep

Cross Crawl x 20
Segmental Roll x 3
Prone Neck Nods x 10
Quadruped Rocking x 10
Baby Crawl x 20 steps

AMRAP 10 min

Wall Squat x 5
TK Halo x 5
Pump x 5
TK Press 16kg x 5


A1: KB Cleans as Press 24kg (1), (1), (1)
A2: TRX Pull-up

B1: Kettlebell Snatches 16kg 20/20,15/15,10/10,5/5 in 5:19

Post Reset

Marching x 20
Rockbaks x 10
Baby Crawling x 20
Crock Breathing

Notes: My snatch time was pretty sad for the 16kg. It’s more of a form issue and not using my hip snap. I planned to practice the snatch for 15 minutes but I was feeling good and decided to do 100 snatches in a row.

Big mistake.

I’ve been able to avoid bad blisters for months but I today I wasn’t so lucky.

I have barbell work tomorrow an heavy snatches on Wednesday so we’ll see how things go.


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