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Training 6/11/2013

Movement Prep

Cross Crawl x 20
Segmental Roll x 3
Prone Neck Nods x 10
Quadruped Rocking x 10
Baby Crawl x 20 steps


B1: Hinge Barbell Curl

C1: Thick Bar Deadlift

D1: Front Squat

E1: Loaded Carries
(I did a lot of them, I’ll do a better job of recording next time)

Post Rest

Marching x 20
Rockbacks x 10
Baby Crawl x 20
Croc Breathing 3 min

Notes: Felt pretty good. The goal for this workout was to breeze through it without grinding through any reps. I don’t want this to take away from my main goal which is to improve my skill with the Kettlebell.

I will say that after doing my loaded carries I felt great. I exposed a few asymmetries and felt my lower trap on my left side for the first time in a while.


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