Training 8/29/2013

Movement Prep

External Rotation Mobilization for Left leg

32kg 1+1
24kg 1+1, 1+1

15 min high rep Snatch Practice

Notes: I need to get my rest and nutrition in order. I’ve been feeling very weak as of late.


Training 8/28/2013

Movement Prep

Band Hip Distraction in 2 positions + Psoas activation (left hip)

Bretzel 2.0

Hard Roll x 3


Get-up: 24kg x 2+2 x 2 sets
superset with
Single leg Deadlift 24kg x 5+5 x 2 sets

One arm swings 7+7 finishing with 8 Two Arm Swings – On the minutes for 10 minutes

Notes: made it to 7 completed rounds for the swings