Training 9/19/2013

Session #1

OS Reset


A1: Cross Crawls 20
A2: OHP 5×5
A3: Hard Roll 3ea
A4: Pull-up 5×5

B1: Side Bridge w/ Hinge 10ea
B2: Double Kettlebell Front Squat 5×5

Note: This workout took much longer than expected. I’m going to make an effort to be consistent with my rest times. My goal is to be in and out of the time in 45 mins


Session #2

OS Rest

As many one arm swings in 10 minutes (quality over quantity)

10 sets of 10+10 – 200 swings with 24kg


Training 9/6/2013

Practice #1 6:30am

All with 24kg 3 rounds

Side Plank 5 breaths
Bird Dog 10+10
Hard Rolll 3

Swing x 15 two arm
Clean and Press x 3+3 (I need more pressing volume not happy with how weak I’m feeling)
Swing x 5+5 one arm
Clean and Front Squat x 5+5
Swing x 20 alternating
Get-up x 1+1
Swing x 15 two arm
Snatch x 5+5
Swing x 5+5 one arm

Practice #2 with my Kettlebell Club at 1:15pm

OS Reset

5 min Naked Get-ups

Entire practice was “you go I go”

Swing x 10 two arm 5 sets
Get-up to Half Kneel x 5 x 3 sets
Swing x 10+20+10+20+10 one arm (left and right)
Goblet Squat Practice