Training 12/23/2014

Movement Prep

Rib Grab
Bretzel 1.0

OS Reset

Front Squat
BAR x5
95lbs x 5
135lbs x 3
160lbs x 5
160lbs x 5
160lbs x 5
160lbs x 5
160lbs x 4

Captains of Crush Sport

Note: Squats felt great. Going to work on finding a good front squat mobilization for Friday’s Squat practice. I feel as if my wrist and forearms were the limiting factor today


Training 12/17/2013

Movement Prep

Turkish Get-up 32kg 1 x 1+1

One Arm Swings 7+7 + 6 Two Arm Swings (on the minute for 10 minutes)

Notes: Must better than last time when I tweaked my back.

Wasn’t as strong as I wanted or needed to be and couldn’t maintain a 30 second pace so I won’t be progressing from here. I’ll rest up and try for it next Tuesday.