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Update on Training Goals

I wanted to clarify how I plan on achieving my goals this year.

I have many but will only focus on 3 at a time and will not add another until the first 3 are competed.

As the year goes on I’ll have other ideas and goals pop up which will be added to my reserve list but my focus will stay on the top 3 goals.

Let’s revisit my goals:

1. Complete my Level 1 Strong First Certification

– this will be my biggest career accomplishment

2. Weigh 181lbs minimum

– will help with weight training and would be nice to be at the powerlifting weight class is love to compete at one day

3. Become proficient at the Front Squat (225lb Front Squat)

– the front squat is one of the best predictors of athletic performance. It is also a very difficult exercise to master. Would be nice to make it a focus this year.

Reserve List:

Complete 75,000 swings
Overhead Press 135lbs, pain free
Bench Press 185lbs for 5 reps, pain free
Deadlift 405 for 2 repetitions
Have a pain free SFMA and FMS screen
Compete at a Tactical Strength Challenge
Complete 300 Training Sessions
Keep this blog up to date
315lbs Front Squat
TGU 40kg 1+1
TGU 48kg 1+1


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